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PowerRich Grower Trials
PowerRich Corporation

PowerRich Grower Trials

These are the granular tests that were conducted last growing season. All tests had the same rates of all other fertilizer's i.e. nitrogen, sulfur, Potash as well as the same herbicides and fungicides used on them.

Location Crop Yield Without PowerRich Yield With PowerRich
Imperial Red Lentils 37 bu/ac - no fertilizer 41.5 bu/ac @ 17lbs. PR/ac
Wakaw Spring Wheat 44 bu/ac @ 50lbs. phos/ac 46 but/ac @ 25lbs. PR/ac
Davidson Red Lentils 26 bu/ac - no fertilizer 31 bu/ac @ 15lbs. PR/ac
Hodgeville Eston Lentils 26 bu/ac @ 50lbs. phos/ac 32 bu/ac @ 15lbs. PR/ac
Kindersley Yellow Peas 45 bu/ac @ 40lbs. phos/ac 52 bu/ac @ 20 lbs. PR/ac
Imperial Canola 46 bu/ac @ 50lbs. phos/ac 48 bu/ac @ 25lbs. PR/ac