Using Compatible Nutrients

PowerRich fertilizer uses nutrients that are all compatible with one another. PowerRich uses primary, secondary and micronutrients which are compatible and are readily available to your crop.

PowerRich fertilizer contains a broader spectrum of nutrients, required for normal plant growth, than conventional chemical salt fertilizers. And, because PowerRich is concentrated, you’ll have less fertilizer to handle, store and transport.

Also, the micronutrients used by PowerRich move both laterally and vertically with soil moisture. They become equally distributed throughout the root zone. As shown in the photos below, root and plant development are superior with the PowerRich program.

Split Field Test Results

Comparing concentrated PowerRich fertilizer to traditional chemical salt fertilizer is like comparing iron to iron ore. If you go to the welding shop to make a tool box it doesn’t take you very long if you have a sheet of iron, but it would take a lot longer if all you had was iron ore. The iron ore may contain all the iron that you require to build a tool box but the iron is in a form that is unavailable to the welder and it becomes almost impossible to build the tool box. Even if the iron ore contained enough iron to build 100 tool boxes your welder couldn’t even build one.

Split Field Test - Head Development

The photo below illustrates head development. PowerRich is on the right. Traditional chemical fertilizer is on the left.

Split Field Test - Root Development

In the split field trial below note the difference in root and plant development between PowerRich (right) and the traditional blend of chemical fertilizer (left).

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