The Value of Seaweed

For centuries farmers have known the value of seaweed. Seaweed feeds and enriches plants and soil with a wide range of nutrients, growth stimulants and conditioners. These are beneficial elements which promote strong and healthy growth while increasing resistance to stressful conditions. To produce a good crop, you must prepare the soil to nurture the millions of tiny feeding roots. Given a chance and a helping hand, the soil does its best, but vital resources such as water and nutrients must be replenished and the natural process is far too slow. Seaweed solution is an outstanding source of these nutrients.

Why Use Seaweed?

Seaweed extracts the inorganic substances from the ocean and converts them into organic compounds.

Why Norwegian Ascophyllum Nodosum?

The 12,500 mile Norwegian coastline provides the perfect conditions to grow seaweed. This is where the Gulf stream, Arctic waters and the mineral mountain waters from Norwegian streams all meet. The water temperatures are less than 55°F and the land of the midnight sun provides for photosynthesis 24 hours a day to mature the kelp.

What is the Rhizophere?

This is the envelope of soil around each rootlet where microorganisms (tiny fungi and bacteria) live, helping your plant to thrive. Therefore seaweed solution not only feeds the plant, but also stimulates life in the Rhizophere where precious nutrients are utilized and stored in an available form.

Seaweed Solution Improves Crop Quality

While seaweed solution increases plant health, it also improves the quality of the crop. Commercial users of seaweed products have proven this to be true. Researchers have attributed the following benefits to the use of seaweed products:

  • Hastened seed germination
  • Improved propagation of seedlings and cuttings
  • Stronger, healthier, more even growth of plants
  • Greater ability to withstand stress
  • Better quality produced with less waste at harvest time and storage
  • Increased availability to crops of other nutrients in the growing medium

Seaweed solution stimulates plants to produce higher yields, particularly in crops like apples and tomatoes where fruit set is important. Seaweed solution has been shown to significantly improve the fruit set, and thereby increases the number of fruits picked. Seaweed solution may be applied through any type of sprayer including ultra low volume. Seaweed solution can also be used through automatic watering systems, overhead lines, mist propagation equipment, trickle lines, etc. Seaweed solution is compatible with most commonly used sprays.

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