Staged Applications

The third main difference between the PowerRich fertilizer program and traditional fertilizer is that, rather than applying the fertilizer all in one shot, the PowerRich program is a 3-part program that is tailored to the different requirements of your crop as it grows.

There are two big advantages to the staged application. The first has to do with moisture. You know that you can’t grow a crop without moisture so why spend all your money on fertilizer first and then hope for rain? Doesn’t it make more economic sense to apply only a little bit of fertilizer and then only spend a little more if it does rain? The second advantage to staged fertilizer application is that you can tailor the fertilizer to supply the nutrients that the crop requires during each stage of growth.

PowerRich 3 Part Fertilizer Program

PowerRich takes into account the different nutritional requirements of growing plants. A 3-part fertilizer program has been developed to provide your crop with a total nutrition package - for maximum growth, health and yield from the time you plant the seed until you harvest your crop.

Step 1 - PowerRoot

PowerRoot is a water-soluble seed treatment and transplant solution. PowerRoot is non-toxic and is applied directly to the seed. When applied properly it doesn’t affect the size of the seed or calibration of your seeding equipment. As your seed begins to sprout, the full spectrum of nutrients contained in PowerRoot are available for use by your germinating crop.

Step 2 - PowerPak

PowerPak blends are the pre-plant portion of the PowerRich program. It can be Fall-applied (banding) or placed with the seed. If you wish, you can band part of it and also place some with the seed. It contains a complete spectrum of nutrients, including a slow-release nitrogen. PowerPak is available in standard house blends and custom blends, specifically blended for your soil and crop requirements. Depending on your equipment, PowerPak can be purchased as a water soluble powder to be applied as a liquid, or in a granular form to be applied dry.

Step 3 - PowerFol & Readyphos Foliar

PowerFol or Readyphos (or both)  are the third part of the total PowerRich fertilizer program. Each is a liquid full spectrum foliar that is specifically formulated to be applied through foliar feeding or top dressing. It may be applied in many cases at herbicide time, either with conventional ground sprayers, with aircraft or through irrigation equipment. Because PowerFol and Readyphos are to be applied to a growing plant - one that is preparing to produce seed - the formulation provides the nutrients that are required for seed production. It is like a pregnant sow ration. Foliar feeding or top dressing is effective - "One pound of an element sprayed on with a homogenizing sprayer is as effective as 20 lbs. to the soil." PowerFol or Readyphos  applied onto the leaves of your growing crops, is one of the most economical methods of feeding your crop. The nutrients are absorbed directly into the plant through the leaves. Foliar feeding with PowerFol or Readyphos gives your crops an extra boost - and that extra boost, in many cases, results in higher yields, heavier grains and higher protein.

The PowerRich team can provide fertilizer blends for all your crops, including cereals, oilseeds, forages, pulse crops, potatoes and vegetables. For more information contact your PowerRich representative today - he’ll be happy to discuss the various programs with you and assist you with having a proper full spectrum soil analysis done.

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